Avoiding that Tempting Late-Night Sweet Tooth

November 01, 2016

Avoiding that Tempting Late-Night Sweet Tooth

Picture this: You get home from work/school after a long and stressful day. You know there's fruits and vegetables somewhere in the house, but as soon as you spot that candy bar the temptation sets in. You neglect the healthy options and bite into the guilty pleasure that will make you feel happy at first, but regretful and bloated later on.

I'm pretty sure we have all been in that scenario before, but it's okay. This sweet tooth is so hard to resist, especially when your house is full of leftover Halloween candy! Rather than resorting right to that candy bar, why not satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy option instead?

Try something like an apple with peanut butter, giving yourself a healthy alternative. Not only will you satisfy your needs, but you’ll be able to go to bed knowing that you resisted that junk food urge with a healthy snack instead!


Written By: Richard Todd