What Not To Wear: Gym Edition

November 18, 2016

What Not To Wear: Gym Edition

While everyone's main goal at the gym is to workout, some people may feel stressed about the fact that they don't have the latest "trendy" athletic clothes, or are not sure what to wear to the gym altogether.

Don't stress out! One does not go there to show off their outfit, but show off their gains. If you are still a little concerned, here's some tips on appropriate gym wear:

Do not wear anything like denim or boots.You're going to want to be comfortable when working out, and those will not help. Sneakers are a must in the gym, and preferably sneakers with a good arch support so you don't wreck your feet overtime. Clothes should not be too over-sized so you aren't drowning in material, but you should be able to move freely.

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Written By: Morgan Spann