Uncover the Acai Berry

November 05, 2016

Uncover the Acai Berry

Acai. We’ve been seeing this everywhere but there’s so many questions to it. What is it? Where’s it from? How do I even pronounce it? Have no fear because the acai pros are here! Just sit back, relax, and leave it to us to uncover this healthy and amazing super fruit.

 First things first, acai is pronounced ah-sigh-eee. This berry is small and similar looking to a blueberry. They are found in palm trees in South America. Chocolate lovers rejoice- this berry is described to have a wild berry and chocolate taste to it.

 Now on to the health benefits: for such a small fruit this berry is PACKED with nutritional benefits! It has insane levels of antioxidants and low in sugar, it has high counts of iron, calcium, fiber and vitamin A, and it helps your body defend itself from free radicals. Acai berries also help protect against arthritis, inflammation, obesity and more!

 Lastly, how do we eat these berries? Most of the time, acai is found in smoothies or their own acai bowls. Frozen packets of acai puree is sold and so easy to use! Take 2 packets and blend with your favorite liquids. Almond milk, soy milk, apple juice, anything works! Top with fruits, nuts, and seeds. And of course, enjoy this super fruit!


Written By: Danielle DeFazio